Business Litigation

Eric Moutz handles a broad range of general commercial litigation, including cases involving claims of fraud, violations of the Colorado Consumer Protection Act, breaches of contract, breaches of fiduciary duty, securities law issues, construction defect litigation, trademark infringement, actions to recover personal property, partnership disputes, shareholder actions, and real estate disputes. Eric has appeared in numerous state and federal trial courts, arbitration forums, and appellate courts across the country and represents both plaintiffs and defendants.

Eric's breadth of experience in trying complex business disputes allows him to develop a carefully tailored strategy for each case and to execute on that strategy efficiently and intelligently. Often, clients will recognize the desirability of resolving a matter without trial, and in those cases his ability and willingness to take a case to trial often provides a significant advantage in negotiating a settlement.

Most importantly, Eric is a problem solver, not a paper pusher. Eric works with his clients to develop a rational understanding of the value of each case, the optimum terms of settlement, and the risks and benefits of proceeding through trial. With this information in hand, Eric consults with his clients to find creative and intelligent solutions to the matter at hand and the underlying problems that gave rise to it.